” Omne suo tempore”

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Welcome to my website of fine art and mathematics. Its purpose is to share my view of the hidden beauty around us, expressed in paintings, drawings and photos, as well as to express in written texts the hidden relationships in mathematics, science, engineering and nature as such. 

In my profession, the world often feels coldly technical, but reality is much richer than mathematical models. Consider the story of Romeo and Juliet: One can reduce it to mathematical formulas put into words, for example, as follows:
Two young people fall in love.     (equation 1)
Their families intervene.             (equation 2)
The former commit suicide.       (solution of equations)
That doesn’t sound like much, does it?

It is great for anyone to have the opportunity to learn from information sources like libraries or the internet. However, there is an even better way to learn, and that is to discover new information not yet reported in information sources. Yes, this often requires sacrifices, but finding or creating something new here in the world brings immense joy and happiness. In fact, the knowledge and works of art available on the internet have been amassed in the same way. Without childhood dreams coming true, the world would be
a desolate desert devoid of information.

Quotes that inspire me:
Whatever you do, if you do it right, you can see the whole universe in front of you.  M. Faraday
Always busy and not in a hurry, a little bit of Heaven on Earth.  John XXIII
The wise man is not the man who knows very much, but the one who knows what is necessary to be done.  Folk saying
I prefer a lot of to use my instinct. If one dull himself by wanting to know everything then he’d lose his instinct and just only know everything.  J. Sudek
The mystery of the beginning of all things is insoluble by us.  Ch. Darwin
True knowledge is born in silence and solitude.  Ancient wisdom
It is a sign of a high spirit to be satisfied with only such accuracy of the result which is given by the nature of the investigated question.  Aristotle
Teachers should remove fear from mathematics by learning to love mathematics. However, removing the fear of mathematics by making it an easy subject would not be right; mathematics was, is and will remain a hard one. The love of mathematics must be understood as an essential part of the love of work at all.  Ed. Cech
Force people to build a tower together and you make them brothers. If you want them to hate each other, throw them grain.  A. de Saint-Exupery
It is clear that human intelligence will be exceeded by artificial intelligence, but human dullness will never be overcome.  J. Cimrman 

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