” Omne suo tempore”

Fine Art and Photo WEB Gallery
mages for books, magazines, newspapers, posters, WEBpages, etc.)

The purpose of images – to see a hidden beauties around us and express them in paintings, drawings and photos
after that – to increase the interest about math, science, engineering, fine art and about nature as such

Reality is much richer than mathematical models. See the novel Romeo and Juliet, which could be reduced by mathematical formulas to:  Two young people fell in love. Then their families intervened. And these two lovers then committed suicide. Not much, is it?

M. Faraday – Whatever you do, if you do it right, you can see the whole universe in front of you.
John XXIII – Always busy and not in a hurry, a little bit of Heaven on Earth.
Folk wisdom – The wise man is not the man who knows very much, but the one who knows what is necessary to be done.

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