ROMANVS  Roman Mojzis

” Omne suo tempore”

The aim of my creative work

a look for a hidden beauty of ordinary surroundings around us and express them in paintings, drawings and photos
to raise the interest about maths and engineering by using portraits of famous world´s scientists and technicians in cooperation of my own
   experience in such areas of human efforts
to improve the interest about natural sciences, engineering, fine arts and about nature as such by using of images for  publication – scanned
   images with high quality available for a license fee. If you like them so much, please, contact me via mail.

   Drawings and paintings were prepared with the transfer ink, pencils, pastels, charcoal, pen, marker, watercolours, tempera, oil, acryl, airbrush.
They are made on papers, cardboards, hardboards and canvas.  Graphics technique – a linocut. The creation in all techniques reflecting my own
inner feelings.

ART, MATHEMATICS, ENGINEERING, NATURE, portraits of engineering, mathematics, portraits of mathematicians, physicists, naturalists etc.
Lectures – Probability, Basic units, Quantum mechanics, Principles of mathematics, steam engine, steam locomotive, steam turbine, steam roller, drawing, mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, combustion engines, parts of engines, machinery, technology, industrial photo, technical drawings etc.
Images – Illustrations, paintings, graphic arts, free creations, photos, etc.
All my creation is registered by the Czech copyright agency DILIA –