The Owner

Ing. Roman Mojzis – Veltruska 599, PRAGUE 9 –  CZECH REPUBLIC
master´s degree at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the CZECH TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE
1995 – 2002 ENERGOPROJEKT PRAHA, a.s. a senior designer of equipments for Nuclear power plants (NPP),
a certificate of the Institut of technical inspection for nuclear power plants with reactors VVER (PWR) 440 and VVER (PWR) 1000
a specialist for the assessment of high energy pipelines with use of ASME Code and for a lifetime evaluation of equipments for NPP
from 2008  Freelancer – mathematical engineering


Portraits of persons (science, engineering, art etc.) are my author’s piece of work. That work has arisen by creative process inspired of other piece of work. In that case from many public photos (from my archive, from books, from WEB). Many of other portraits (e.g. Einstein) are not inspired only from photo, but from my study of character of that person. And next portraits (e.g. Archimedes) have arisen only from my imagination.

Paintings of Landscapes have arisen in plain air painting and from an atelier.

Abstracts and Free creation is only my imagination.

All images are scanned. I’m sorry for the low quality of some them. My work is signed by the mark ©. The drawings and paintings were prepared by myself with using the transfer ink, pencils, pastels, charcoal, pen, marker, watercolours, tempera, oil, etc.
Images are registered by the Czech copyright agency DILIA –

Other pictures, photos, drawings etc. are used from my collection of promotional prints provided by technical companies from former Czechoslovakia. They´re from years 1920 to 1948.

Author rights: I can guarantee 100% assurance for all rights. I’m the author and the owner of author rights for every image on All images (illustrations, paintings and photos) were made only by myself. Illustrations and paintings are scanned – I made them on papers, cardboards, hardboards and canvas.