Science is based on distinguishable facts – to classify them, to measure them, to explain them, to discover new relationships among them, to predict new processes and verify them. If there were no differences among facts, among processes, then science could not exist. If science can’t recognize something, it can’t measure it and therefore it doesn’t exist for science. Science could find out only ratios and relationship among distinguishable shapes, structures and processes.  E.g. – Base units are the foundation of physics. The base units for time, length, mass, … , quantity, shape, etc. These base units are the axioms of science. These base units are selected from natural processes inside of our universe. What is the size of one second? The size of 1 second is the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the Caesium 133. And the duration of one period? That’s easy. 1 period has exactly 1/9,192,631,770 seconds duration. See two images below – one period with duration t

Absolutely, how long (t) does 1 period last? Science can’t give an answer to that. One what? Hard to belief that the periods of radiation are absolutely equal to each other in a chaotic environment like a quantum field – electrons are influenced – see Lamb shift, but photons will not? See top picture on the right – quantum field with “bubbling” vacuum fluctuations, pure chaos and unpredictability. We are unable to describe such chaos. But in the other hand there is very interesting how describable forms and events could exist in chaotic circumstances. Forms and events more or less stabilized with mutual relations and connections. Science discovers and describes these relationships – see theories. Which is excellent for the current state, or for the near future or past. But to estimate the very far past or to predict the very far future – that’s how hypotheses arise. The more hypothesis the more contradictions. See the following example according to the hypothesis about early stages of our universe where only elementary particles existed.
When we cool carbon, it forms graphite or diamond. So does sulfur, which forms crystals in the solid state. But at the beginning of the universe, there were no sulfur or carbon crystals. According to the hypothesis of the origin of the universe, there were only basic elementary particles. Then hydrogen, stars, supernovae … in short, the heavier elements were formed by supernova explosions – see carbon or sulphur. When did the elements begin to form into different crystals? When did the exclusion principle come into existence? See the intolerance of electrons (and other particles) – Pauli’s exclusion principle, without which crystals and indeed all chemical elements would not exist. Where and how were the rules and laws of nature hidden in the early stages of the universe? Where is the origin of mentioned actual rules and laws?

Science can´t explain the origin of shapes, structures and processes in the same way as science can´t explain the origin of quantum field with its excitations. Such excitations are only basis for observable objects and processes with derived base units from such objects and processes. See examples from biology – from the primordial germ cell we cannot know what will grow out of it – whether mosquito, camel or man. We will only know that after some time with the progressive differentiation of the cells from the germ cell. It is not possible to explain on the basis of the evolved shapes of mosquito, camel or man their origin, their initial germ cell hidden structures. In short, to explain the hidden movements, the hidden basis.
Certainly with a germ cell we can know what it will become by analysing its DNA. But attention, we do not make this analysis by the evolved shapes of a mosquito or a camel, but we make this analysis by physical and chemical methods from outside of biological organism.
And to explain the origin of the quantum field cannot be done by the excitations arising in it, excitations in the form of particles, waves, atoms, molecules or organisms. There is no outside method! Nor can one explain or prove how the “density” of the fundamental vacuum fluctuations of the quantum field changes. It is impossible to explain the origin of arised differences on the basis of differences. With the help of measured differences to explain the nature of differences, their origin
See the quantum field with its fluctuations. Such field is the last result of physical measurement with derived base units from different excitations of this field.
Quantum field with fluctuations. See the undulated surface of a water level (sea, ocean, lake). Random shapes appear on this undulated surface, always different, which disappear after a short time. Indescribable random shapes. And suddenly, on the undulated water surface, shapes and structures begin to appear, which last for much longer time relative to the surrounding chaos. These long-lasting shapes and structures exist and evolve through the renewal of their forms. Not only the ontogenetic evolution of the individual, but also the phylogenetic evoluution of biological species. See the big differences of biological species in the Devonian relative to the present fauna and flora. The only question that makes sense is – how can “stabilized” forms be kept on a randomly undulated surface. Then we can name and count these shapes for the duration of their existence. Including appropriate guesses about their forms into the future or past, together with verification of our guesses by e.g. paleontological findings.

The question is – where did the distinguishable “regular” periods of radiation, matter, chemical elements, molecules, minerals, organisms come from in such an chaotic environment and how can they keep together for any length of time despite the corrosive chaos around them. Not to mention the beauties of nature and artworks such as music songs, art or sculptures.

 Even theology does not give an answer to this. For even theology cannot describe the infinite in temporal ways, e.g. the origin of periods, matter, artworks, etc. It is impossible to prove superior or infinite facts on the basis of early, limited facts. But it is possible on the basis of temporal and limited facts to have the experience of unlimited, infinite “facts”. Such facts are our inner feelings our inner experience. This is the meaning of Theology. Theology can give witness to direct us to One Inexpressible Being. It can witness through the more or less well-expressed analogies, testimonies, axioms and inner experiences of each one of us. Every human beeing can verify such testimony in his life experience and to go further in the experience of the Inexpressible Being. See an image below – Theology is like limits in mathematics – to direct us by visible, temporary witnesses to the Invisible and Eternal Being that is present in each of us.


It is not possible in the world to accurately express an irrational number such as the square root of two = 1.4142135623730950488016887242097 …. series of numbers to infinity. But this inexpressible number is really real (the hypotenuse of the unit square) just as the unit square is real whose sides have the exact length of 1 = 1.00000000000000 … series of zeros to infinity also.

Theology and Science have a common foundation – a desire to discover new facts, a sincere effort to grow further, a sincere effort to be corrected by new and previously unsuspected facts, events and relationships. Theology and science also share next common experience – a personal, pure experience. In science – you can´t speculate everything without experience, without measurement. Certainly on the basis of a given experience or measurement one can predict what will be, but there are limits – correction for the unknown. In theology – we can’t  describe by limited processes the Indescribable, Infinity Being. But we can experience It with the honesty of our perception. We don’t have to prove anything, we just have to tell the truth and it’s up to each of us how to follow up. Even theology has its axioms – see further below, colour marked.

The growth of our perception, the intuition of hidden, invisible movements, requires training, experience. Specifically, on the basis of verifiable, distinguishable visible events to perceive a cause, a hidden movement, a hidden invisible intention whose result is a visible event or shape, structure or anything else.
Theology directs us to experience of the nature of all shapes, structures and processes, based on the wittness of experienced people. Their experience is visible or perceptible in the world.

What theology does not experience is meaningless also. Shortly science is about superficiality (expressions) of shapes, structures and processes, unable to explain their nature. 

In science, one has to start somehow – to examine situation separately, in isolation – to remove the situation from its environment and then examine it. To simplify the problem so that we can successfully find a solution. Remove the embryo and examine it? Disrupt the embryo and examine it. Observe the development (disrupt it with photon particles) and examine it? What are we going to examine? Something, yes – the structure of the now dead embryo, the visible structures, so that we can then observe, perceive. The relationship of the embryo vs. its surroundings. That’s the point.
That’s why people are supposed to go further and not stay with exploring de facto dead, or injured, distorted mortified, i.e. distorted matter – what are we going to explore here? The relative configurations of shapes (vacuum excitations, particles), structures (elements, molecules, organisms) and the relationships between them before it all falls apart? After all, everything is different from everything else, not to be when everything has a common basis – chaos.
Sure, one has to start somehow, by idealizing, separating, removing, but one has to go further – who allows the artwork, the machine, the product or the universe – to go further again based on living experience.

How to count objects before they are created? How to count, how to calculate the intensity of the desire to create something – e.g. to create a pot or a music song? Objects can only be counted after they are created and hold in the visible appearance for some time in the chaotic world. The question remains the transition state – from idea to implementation and successful testing. When to start thinking about practical application? The power of faith, experience, determination? Hard to evaluate this mathematically. And that’s the point! What is needed here is personal experience, not the experience of others, but only own, sometimes painful, experience, which reveals fantastic results.
Then comes mathematics (science at all), which needs differentiable structures, shapes – elements of sets. In simply words, first we need to have pots and then we can count them or to solve various dependencies (volume on diameter and height) and much more.

Go back to the primordial forms of our universe – In the beginning there was not mathematics or language, but there was a stretched space with distinguishable structures, in short, locally variable differentiable structures forming the whole space, the universe. After that there was human abstraction of language and mathematics. For neither language nor mathematics can exist without space and distinguishability. Space can be empty just like a straight line is empty. Hard to find scale, hard to distinguish, just like to differentiate the number of points with zero size. We need some visible or perceivable changes, differences, to be able to differentiate relatively from one another – whether basic shapes or complex structures. And not just by their appearance, but by their behavior. Space, time, energy are not enough. Elasticity – the basic principle of the function of the world. Without elastic behavior, we would have all singularities.
Empty space without any differences is nonsense from a physical point of view. Of course, physics is determined by differences. So we know that from a physics, pure emptiness is unrealizable as opposed to mathematics. A uniquely determinate state contradicts the uncertainty principle and the exclusion principle. And so the emptiness – the vacuum is full of changes and differences, ever changing, unpredictable, thus indescribable – pure chaos. The creation and annihilation and creation again of pairs of particles and antiparticles. The average deviation of each fluctuating pair from the whole is zero. However, the root mean square deviation leads to small changes. Experimental evidence for that – the influence of the electron´s trajectory in the hydrogen atom by the fluctuating vacuum quantum field. Energy (mass) gives space, as time or length. Space means energy or time or length, just as energy (time, length) means space. One without the other is nonsense. Therefore we have spacetime, or better spacetimemass (spacetimeenergy).

Take the size of quantum fluctuations as the base unit. That’s not possible. For these are always changing, they are always different, but still equally chaotic. See the untuned TV screen – chaotic fluctuations. See the first image below.


So we have to use a tuned TV screen with a TV program on it. See upper image on the right. How do we choose the base unit on the TV screen? There is only one requirement – the existence of a TV program! Only in it we can look for base units – time or length or other. We have to watch the TV program carefully. The unit should be regular, or rather should appear regular to us – for example, the change in the height of the sun above the horizon (sunrise, culmination, sunset). After a while we find that we need a more precise measurement. Thus, for a precise measurement, we choose the wavelength of light. Over time, through precise measurement, we find that both the wavelength of light and all the objects and processes in the TV program on the screen are influenced by chaotic fluctuations. In other words, processes that we used to think of as regular are not so regular. The effect of chaotic fluctuations is very small for a regular TV scene. But at the micro level, the effect of chaotic fluctuations is fatal – see the wavelength of light as a fundamental unit. Anyway, what is the origin of chaos? See Chaos_considerations

The question – why in such a chaotic environment as a quantum field with vacuum fluctuations there are stable structures? Why we can watch and are the protagonists of a TV program with a kind of a story called the history of our universe? What happened 18 billion years ago? (there were no cesium atomic clocks then) One quantum “bubble” made for itself, went through inflation and as a gift we have “stable” shapes, oscillations, particles, structures, minerals, biological species (which change – see the difference between Devonian and Jurassic) to humans. A very small fraction of humans have certain ideas, abilities, in short experiences. Whether technical or craft abilities or artistic, organizational or leadership abilities, it doesn’t matter.

  • Very important notice: In the universe we have two limit states – the smallest and the largest. The microstate of quantum field and the macrostate of the entire observable universe. The microstate of quantum field (“foam”) – the ever-changing quantum fluctuations of the vacuum – always unpredictable and unstable. The macrostate of the universe – matter in the universe is not uniformly distributed as astronomical observations suggest. The distribution of matter in the universe is like some kind of spaghetti or doughy pancakes shaped differently and unpredictably. See distribution of galaxies, galaxy clusters, etc. See an image below-

It is interesting how the microstate of quantum “foam” is similar to the macrostate of the distribution of matter in the universe. With only one difference and that is the stability of the distributed shapes. In the case of the macrostate of the universe, the distribution of shapes is quasi-stable (as if “frozen”) as opposed to the wildly “bubbling” shapes of quantum “foam”. Now let us think like humans, humans gifted with a sense of the beauty of nature that is indefinable. There is much beauty around us in the world – gardens, plants, mountains, lakes, valleys, some villages and towns, some people, some musical and artistic works, the beauty of machines and manufactured products, the beautiful architecture etc. If we look closely through a microscope we can see the beauty of a snowflake. But if we go further in magnification, the beauty gradually fades until it disappears. In the same way, on the contrary, when we look at the Earth from a great distance, we see the beauty of the Blue planet. If we go further, we see the beauty of the galaxy, but then at the level of the metagalaxies the beauty fades away. Just like at the level of vacuum fluctuations.

The more gentleness the more beauties. Such fragile and gentle structures holding and controlling such brutal forces. E.g. see the structure of the atomic nucleus and the whole universe in general – rough processes at micro or macro-level. In contrast to the immense gentleness about in the middle – such fine organisms and organic structures and results of human effort – especially artworks, musis, craftworks, inventions  of human beings. These are expressions of the Absolute Gentleness and Firmness of the Continuity of Being. 
In other words, we get a curve of the distribution of beauty in the universe as a function of magnification with a maximum in the middle. And with two minima on each side of the curve. See an image below.

See also artworks. A work of art such as a painting or a sculpture must be viewed at a certain distance. It is difficult to judge details with a microscope or magnifying lens. Or, on the contrary, too be distant. A certain distance is needed, which depends on the size of the artwork. Certainly under a magnifying lens one can see interesting and beautiful details, but under a microscope the interesting and beautiful details will decrease. And when we submit the artwork to structural analysis, that’s the end of the beauty. Conversely, if we move too far away from the artwork, we can perceive the whole, but without the details that give the work its beauty and freshness. And when we move away from the work for tens if not hundreds of metres, we no longer see anything, the beauty has disappeared, our eye can no longer distinguish it. And so it is with the nature around us. See  the optimal temperature of the world environment. Optimal temperature in the world between +10°C and +30°C – there are most elements and their chemical compounds in three forms SOLID, LIQUID and GAS – See an image below

There is a rule – the higher (lower) the temperature, the lower the diversity.
Not only chemical elements and their compounds but also the diversity of organisms. Very few organisms are able to live permanently below -20°C and just as permanently at temperatures above 70°C. 

The artwork can only be viewed after it has been made. It is hard to judge at the moment of creation, painting, formation what it will be and how beautiful and stimulating it will be. Let’s go back to our developing universe.
After “Sim-Cum” there is a basic environment like quantum field – see the first figure below

Fig.1 – quant. “foam”  Fig.2 – electron in H-atom

 Fig. 3 – an apple           Fig.4 – the apple

Fig. 1 – In the middle of quantum “foam” we see a fluctuating “bubble” that has made for itself and is already expanding (a germ of our universe) . Then the “bubble” or “vacuum disturbance” expands, going through an inflationary process – see the homogeneousness of the universe. Hydrogen atoms are the most widely distributed, with one electron about which we have no idea where it is located, we only know the probability of its appearance – see Fig. 2. After many “years” we get a solar system with planets in a certain part of the galaxy. And after another 5 billions or so real years we have an apple – as a representative of all biological species. Fig. 3 – We think how stable the apple is but on closer examination we see the Brownian motion of chaotic thermal fluctuations of atoms and molecules and even more deeply we detect chaotic vacuum fluctuations .In short, about 18 billions years we see the apple – Fig. 4. The apple appears to us as smooth and continuous through our perception. The apple in its inner nature means only and only a grouping of particles, resp. their probabilistic appearance. More precisely, there are not particles, but a grouping of probabilistic appearances of the peaks of an interacting quantum field. Shortly – all shapes, structures and processes in the universe have a probabilistic character. See the second figure above – the probability distribution of an electron in the nucleus of a hydrogen atom
Why did I write 18 billions and not 16? I like 18 better than 16 and especially since the years are determined by the earth’s orbit around the sun and in truth just after the big bang there was nothing to orbit. So I’m within tolerance.

Chaos is chaos no matter what happens to it. Whatever happens to it, as a whole. Only chaos can inflate again – true for the inflationary era of the universe. Inflation alone is not enough, chaos magnified x times will be just chaos again.
Then if we want to get “regular” structures like particles, elements, minerals and rocks, organisms and biological species in the expanded chaos, which will last for some time, and this time will be many orders of magnitude greater than the duration of the chaotic fluctuations. If we want “regular” structures in the world around us, then there must be formations – so-called differential inflation, partial expansion in a single expanding whole – see natural fractals. And all of this in the probabilistic range – see the appearance elementary particles. Only then will arise “regular” shapes, structures – such as elementary particles, chemical elements, minerals and rocks, organisms to biological species.

Logical formsScience is based on base units – the basic shapes, but there is no chance to explain the origin of shapes and structures and processes among them. The cause has allowed effects. It´s impossible to describe the cause by its allowed effects.  The base unit in physics is the definition of time. The number of periods (wavelengths) of cesium maser radiation. It is the top of all base units – length, mass, etc. How many seconds does it take for 9,192,631,770 periods of cesium 133 radiation? Exactly 1 second. Next question, how long does 1 period last? Again, the exact answer is 1/9 192631770 , approx. 1.087 E-10 sec. Finally, we know that 1 period is exactly equal to 1 period.

In logic there are axioms, as in mathematics, physics, in every natural science. The same in theology. Like aesthetics, logically ordered science is based on axioms.

Theology is for that reason to explain what is unexplainable and indescribable. Describe the cause that allowed effects such as oscillations, random and regular shapes, perception, etc. Theology with logical forms based on the First and Main axiom – One Being in many changing distinguishable visible and invisible forms in the world. One Subject – many expressions in different arrangements and forms – shapes, structures and processes between them. See Fig. 1 below.

Fig. 1 – One subject       Fig. 2 –  three shapes                                       

Fig. 3 –  strokes        Fig. 4 – the strokes

Above, in the Fig. 2 , we see three basic shapes. Orange for the indescribable Being – always different and beautiful. We don’t know and can’t guess how the curve will go on, unlike the sine wave, which is exactly given, i.e. describable, predictable, compressible, and also beautiful to some extent like all geometric expressions of mathematical functions and equations – square, circle, rectangle, sphere, cube, prism, cone, etc. And the last one down is chaos, unpredictable, also indescribable, and ugly. The Fig. 3 a 4 show two arrangements, of similar lines. Both arrangements are mathematically indescribable. After all, the Fig. 4 seems more beautiful than the Fig. 3. And the number of lines and their character is roughly the same.

How to describe Love, Peace, Beauty, Harmony, … , Desire, … , etc. It is impossible to describe them. Just give examples. Examples of these can be given, only and only temporary examples, or more or less illustrated in the case of Beauty. And examples can be very well misused, as we know from our own experience. We cannot give a detailed or comprehenscive definition. Examples serve to further our personal development. Not to dogmatize or marginalize examples. Realized examples of Beauty, Love, Peace, Harmony, etc. are in the world, not only works of art, but also crafts or science or technology,new possibilities, inventions, processes, ideas. We all live from these realized examples and they can be found in various sources of information (libraries, internet). But there are many more examples that have not yet been realized in the world. The realization of new examples, demonstrations of Beauty, previously unsuspected possibilities and ideas, inventions – this is the only criterion of our personal growth in what we call Beauty, Harmony, Love, etc. Of course, based on personal experience with realized examples.

Shortly: The Final state – there is freedom – you can do whatever you want, you can create whatever you want, but it has to be out of Infinity Love, Beauty, Harmony, Mutuality, etc.

How to describe this indescribable state? The Eternity, the Love, the Beauty, etc.

One Eternity or unlimited loving beautiful wise , … , Being or HE WHO IS or “Continuity” or “Permanence” or “Complexity” or another else. For G-d, Permanence, the One Being, cannot be expressed, described or represented in any way. It is always different and greater. We use  term „Continuity“ – see apostrophe. “Continuity” in apostrophes has nothing to do with the definition of continuity in mathematics. The same for infinitesimals, complexity, etc.
AXIOM 1 – One Being Eternal Self-similar Inexpressible Indescribable Loving Beautiful Peaceful Wise, etc.

For this purpose, the notation G-d instead of God is introduced as a reminder of Its indescribability. As in mathematics, we have a sign for infinity that clearly distinguishes this concept from finite countable numbers and values. We cannot divide infinity by infinity and the result is not 1. After all, it has not – finite in its name (infinity), so we cannot perform mathematical operations on it as we do on finite numbers.
After that we use several words (Continuity, Unlimited, Permanence, Complexity, Love, Peace, … ) we use several different words for class with the explicit purpose of leading us to the indescribable, just as limits lead to the inexpressible number. In other way – how to describe imaginary unit i ? There is no chance. Only to write what does i mean in our real world i2 = -1 or better 1 = i4  . Then write the mathematical properties of the number i

How to imagine Infinite One Being or Heaven? It’s hard to find temporal examples of how it works in Heaven. But there are certain facts. For example: Heaven as a state in which we always have something to do and do not suffer from hurry. This is impossible, or almost impossible to realize in the world. And if realizable, at least in some approach, then in solitude, in separation from mainstream society, in religious orders, or otherwise. Let´s remember – How we like to clean our tools in our leisure moments, or to follow our interests with no hurry of passion – we would most like time to stand still! This is the very desire for Heaven put into us and too difficult to realize in the world. Difficulties are in ourselves, in each of us – either our sinful nature makes us lazy into doing nothing. Or it drives us to the other extreme of hurry up and do it quickly, first, work hard. It’s difficult to deny this – to deny the huge difference between our desire and the cruel worldly reality. Steady work – always having something to do and not suffering the hurry – A piece of Heaven on Earth. And in the world? All of you who read this know very well from your experience how the world works. This is also knowledge, although probably not strictly scientific, but it cannot be denied. To quote a former colleague of my wife’s from an audit firm – there are two extremes, either you have nothing to do or the amount of work can make you crazy.

And how to reach this indescribable state? There is only one way – experience. Our own experience not that of others. There is no other way. As a few people knew in the Middle Ages but were not much respected – the meaning of Theology is not to describe to the world how things work in Heaven, but the meaning of Theology is to direct us to Heaven.
There is no other way. Written in Latin EXTRA EXPERIENTIA NULLA SALUS (without experience there is no salvation). And the experience is painful, sometimes more, sometimes less. Shortly – the experience needs the Cross (lat. CRUX) But the results of our painful experience are amazing, sometimes fantastic. And that is the meaning of life, to live and create like that. We obtain next axiom (there is nothing to discuss here – it is a dogma, not only for the Christian Church but also for scientists, artists, workers, sportsmen, etc)

It’s not enough to just say I’m a pilot or a craftsman or a composer or otherwise. You have to know something, create something. Knowledge is not in words but in actions. Words are to lead to actions, like witnesses.
It is no good describing to a novice pilot the secrets of the high art of acrobatics – the fine art of nuance. The pilot must first master the basics, and then grow further.
It is easy to take a phonendoscope and run around the hospital with it. But it’s much harder to examine something with that phonendoscope – to make a diagnosis, not to mention the art of surgery.
Surgery isn’t just a few pictures, read more books or watch a few videos – I refer you to the excellent movie Master and Commander. In addition to human rights, there are also human duties. Not only to speak up when something happens, but also to participate with our work, with our creativity. And not just to speak up or just to look after our duties – we need to do both. Just as explaining things and processes makes little sense without practical verification. It is very easy to understand the piloting of an airplane, the function of its wings, but piloting in practice is quite another “story”. And that’s how it is with everything in the real world.

How to quite accurately describe cycling, or swimming, or walking. Actually, it’s an inexpressible activity. Certainly the above activities can be more or less described by observation, but everyone has to try for himself. And in this style one has to go further. Children are more or less allowed to do it, but adults have a problem with it. Why is that?
See a short story about it  Our daughter

How to reach the state to do, to live, to create just depending on the situation? How to reach the top? Where to get experience? On what? Someone has to sacrifice or something. Just like in teaching plumbers, we have to sacrifice material. Without sacrifice it is impossible to approach the top. To be, to live and to create just enough – to always have something to do and not be in a hurry.
AXIOM 3 – There has to be a sacrifice to learn experience. The Sacrifice is always painful or difficult – both for the one who brings it and for the one who receives it. There is a Cross.
There is even a Joy of Sacrifice.
The Joy of Sacrifice is enjoyed by both the one who offers it and the one who receives it. Who grows in experience because of the Sacrifice. For the Sacrifice must have meaning – growth in the experience of perception, of life and creation, of skills. In short, Sacrifice must make a point, to grow into the One Who sacrifices.

Solve everything quietly? Without the IHS cross? Learn a craft, art or science without self-denial? Wise men control themselves, mostly by instinct, by conscience, and the unwise must be controlled by outside force. Unfortunately, only after a long time, when they have done a lot of damage. No honest person should give way to the wicked in his life, whether internal wickedness in himself or external wickedness. The IHS cross – there are two kinds of violence (self-denial) creative, productive “violence” and the violence of useless, unproductive, just for nothing (deviation). He who does not want the first violence – to control himself, then he is subject to the second (external) violence. Without the Cross (violence) of IHS there is no Salvation.
It depends on what the violence is for, whether it is for creation, life, Salvation or just for nothing, otherwise known as perversion – e.g. the perverse joy of destruction.

Giving people the material, the tools, and not teaching them how to use it is the same as throwing it away or destroying it – as satan seduces into these two extremes. And that’s the point, it’s not enough to give people the material, the tools, the life, but to teach them to use it, to teach them to create. After that to give them materials, resources, life, etc.
See Eschatology – a basic unconditional income of life, skills, recognition and opportunity for growth – both in the world and in eternity. There is always enough to get them started.

A plumbing disciple or a novice pilot or anyone else cannot be left to themselves with a given amount of material or aircrafts. That would work out. There would be a large consuming of planes, materials and also disciples. See the historical development in aviation. Certainly the tenth disciple would perhaps not repeat the mistakes of his predecessors if he watched them closely, but the education tax would be disproportionately high. This is the first extreme. The second extreme is over-care, too many words, regulations and worries. This is clenching, oppressive, and prevents natural freedom according to a given level of knowledge. What then? Evaluate the relationship according to the situation, according to the level of the disciple, the experience of the master, etc. There is no other way than personal experience. No teaching machine, no computer, no regulations can do this for us. At most, the regulations will give us a framework for how to proceed. After all, before there were regulations, there were experiences from which regulations were created. Regulations are no more than experience. Similarly, laws were given after experience. Experience first. The indescribable experience comes first, and then the laws and regulations that are derived from it and lead to it.

AXIOM 4 – Experienced is more than inexperienced. In short, the experienced is more capable than the inexperienced. This is valid to art, craft, science, technology, … … shooting, military, etc. There is no way to overcome experience, especially the experinece of Infinity- See also Job 35:2-8

Mathematics, like computers, is the best and most wonderful tool ever created for learning about the real world. There is no better helper, no better tool than mathematics together with computers. But on the other hand, there is no worse master than mathematics with computers. A good servant, the best servant, but the worst master. The master was, is and should remain a human being.

    • This is clear that personal experience is the most important thing. So why go on about it. Yes, it is clear, but it is also clear that the greatest attacks are made against everyone’s personal human experience. History is full of it. And the attacks, ignorance or marginalization of personal experience by worldly pleasures continue. Do people need to be reminded of this? Probably not, everyone knows this – they can’t go any further than experience. But not everyone follows it. Just like not lying and not stealing or do your duty and insist on your rights. It’s so obvious and yet so many people push it away. And on top of that, the fierce hate of a superficial society that just lives off the results of the experiences of a minority of people – sic! It’s quite horrible to oppress humanity like that.

This advice of experience – it’s nothing new. This has been there since the beginning of human civilization, because the beginning of humanity is experience. So why am I putting it here? For reflection, how is it possible that 100% effective advice and practices are ignored, laughed at by a still large number of people, especially in the so-called industrialized part of the world. These people not only oppress this advice, they also oppress the people who follow it! And if they cannot oppress them, then they give them all the more work or try to torment them in every way (regulations) with the assistance of an indifferent society. Instead of real experience, experience with the nature around them, they prefer illusory experience (how best to move files, fill in spreadsheets, to present something, etc.) See a short extract from  Czech writer J Zak

How is it that the world has not yet fallen apart despite such a fierce oppression of personal experience? It is because of experience. I remember a conversation with my colleaugue. He was irritated that certain people can only destroy instead of working and creating. I replied that they can’t even destroy. Because to destroy effectively, as well as to shoot well, to wage war – for that you need experience, as in the case of the invention of looms, water supply, robotics and much more.

See if a man in 1937 said it was possible to destroy a big city in 5 min. He would have been laughed at by all people, and most importantly, he would have gone to a psychiatric clinic. On the positive side, he would have been released on August 6, 1945. Terrible, but… before that was the Holocaust and the suffering of many people, as well as Soviet, American and other prisoners of war. The behaviour of the Germans as well as the Japanese was not good. It’s much better to correct (cruise) at a lower level than to let it go that far. It is much better to notice the gentle shocks and regulate them than to “regulate” the terrible results of ignorance and appeasement. Hitler didn’t get to Stalingrad overnight either. Before that was the Weimar Republic, then the occupation of the Rhineland, then the occupation of Austria, the occupation of Czechoslovakia, then the war against Poland, then the western campaign against France, against Britain, the landing in Crete, the occupation of Denmark and Norway, the occupation of Yugoslavia and finally the attack on the Soviet Union. Then the attacks by the German allies in China, Indonesia, the occupation of the Pacific islands and finally the attack on the United States – Pearl Harbour. The worst part is that all of this, including August 6, could have been prevented and many people in the world felt that way, protested, but resignation and human “goodness” supported by inexperienced people was stronger.  Due to the terrifying eminent danger, the originally unthinkable alliance of the Allies was formed (USA, USSR, GB). In addition to the enormous efforts in war production, cooperation, putting new ideas into practice, in short, experience in those days was number 1. I’d quite like to see experience in 1st place in other times:-)

And this is the reason why ignorance and the marginalization of personal human experience (a terrible evil) has still not gained the upper hand in the world. It’s terrible, but it’s even more terrible when experience is oppressed by a superficial society. While this society exists and lives only because of the experience of a certain part of people. Kind of like parasitism – see a cancer also kills the host and therefore itself.
This is the basic fact from which the next (fifth) axiom follows:

Axiom 5 – There is a fierce reaction against learning experience. Where does this fierce and even hateful reaction come from? The same is valid for to tell the truth. See my dad’s rather humorous recollections – Memory Dad

See A. de Saint-Exupéry’s quote – It is terrible when man oppresses society, but it is even worse when society oppresses man.
From the same author, a strong warning about the dangers of baobabs from his book The Little Prince. As soon as you recognize a baobab, take it away. Otherwise the baobabs will grow and may destroy the globe (and thus themselves). Overgrown baobabs are very difficult to control and the work of eliminating them is very high, at the cost of enormous sacrifice. Which happens quite often in a selfish society, where people not try to distinguish baobabs, but they ignore the distinguished small baobabs. And the result? The history of the world.
What’s going on? Why do inexperienced people oppress and ignore the experience of reality, with the real world? They don’t take advice of experienced people, don´t take their conclusion. Inexperienced people attack experienced people – bombarding them with terms and regrets that they weren’t quite correct. But experineced people answered to the point and correctly. Is not fair for the inexperienced people to judge them, especially to see the results of their work in practice. Experienced people live in accordance with the laws of their country. They are not aggressive or defiant. And to be afraid that their view, speech or gesture will be considered incorrect or thought to be incorrect? What happened to the British mathematician Alan Turing was horrific, literally extreme. But what is happening today is going to the opposite extreme. The work or output of experienced people, on which the whole of society lives, is being attack by this. The next question is whether the correct and inexperienced people will point out the incorrectness of an experienced militant or aggressor.
In short, what in the world is going on? Mathematics will not give us the answer to that. At most, mathematics will describe the spread of the above behaviour, statistically evaluated – here it depends on the credibility of the data.

This is the principle of the Kingdom of Heaven. Not that there aren’t conflicts, but conflicts have no chance to spread. Why doesn’t it spread? The reason is the quality of its inhabitants. To react as soon as the situation arises, to keep busy and not worry about the hurry, etc. How to reach such Kingdom? To have own experience with oneself, with the world, and still not collapse from it. It’s like the disciples above – someone has to sacrifice for our growth in this personal experience.
We can recall a saying – a very honourable person comes to Heaven and would like to go further. But somehow they don’t want to let him go. He defends himself in an injured way – why do you not want to let me go on, my hands are clean. G-d answers him, it is true, you have clean hands, but they are also empty.

Evil doesn’t matter? Not really. For evil is clear, readable. The worst is the environment in which evil spreads as quickly as a knife in butter. Especially in accordance of human goodness. How is it possible that an old German nationalist movement has spread from the periphery of Munich’s beer halls to all of Europe, North Africa, Asia, and all the way to the Pacific?

How to explain, mathematics and science doesn’t help, how to explain that in such a decaying environment as the world (a reflection of the chaos at the vacuum level), beautiful nature is constantly renewing itself into new forms. How is it that there are buildings, architecture, technology, water works, parks, gardens, works of art, sculptures, musical compositions, paintings, films, … and why do these keep growing?
The answer is simple. Experience cannot be overcome by the inexperienced. Good news based on history – inexperience cannot destroy Experience. Especially experience in Eternity Being of Love and Beauty and Peace and Wisdom and etc.

Let’s go back to the One Loving Beautiful One… , Being. How to define that, when it is indescribable, unrepresentable, inexpressible, unpredictable, etc. We are able to express an order  – see images below.

pure order, expressible, predictable

The next two images below are about pure chaos

pure randomness, inexpressibility, no prediction,
no common denominator except pure randomness and ugliness

Finally we can see two images below of transition state between chaos and order


We have an orange curve – the Continuity of Being. Please do not mix with the mathematical definition of continuity or with the mechanics of the continuum. It is an illustration more or less successful. We cannot predict the future course of the orange curve. See the arrows in the circle. Every direction is possible. The same probability in all directions is for pure chaos, and that is not so nice. But all directions are not equally probable in our case of “Continuity”.  There is a condition – we know the curve have to be beautiful. The beginning of the transition state is shown in the upper second picture from the left. There are some conditions for complementary arrangement of curves, etc. The second image also show “continuity” though limited by more or less longer strokes. We also don’t know what the final image of girl´s face will look like, but it should be chic.
Pls, for your pleasure describe the below image with mathematical formulas or appropriate words of your language. I think the “best” description is much worse then the original.

Notice: How many combinations of nice complementary shapes are possible? And how many possible combinations of ugly, mutually discordant shapes are there? It depends on the space and the possibilities of its arrangement. The answer is that there must be less nice combinations of, for example, brushstrokes, than there are unpleasant, purely random ones. But this is not necessarily true. It depends on the given space and the given conditions, where not every combination can take place.
More generally – how many describable (compressible) shapes, curves, structures or courses are there? And how many are indescribable? See Cantor’s theorem – e.g. rational versus irrational numbers.

One Loving Beautiful One… , Being. How to define that, when it is indescribable, unrepresentable, inexpressible, unpredictable, etc. But there is something certain – One Being is definable. Definable by our inner growing experience, by our inexpressible experience. Each of us has own experience with One Being that is different from other people’s experience with One Being. Just as each of us is different from other people. Different in appearance, in mentality, in physical characteristics, and in something that is hard to describe – flair or chic. We can’t accurately express something that can’t be accurately expressed – to be chic. We can only direct, witness with words. Above all, we are witnessing with ourselves, with our lifestyle or with our work.

How to live in accordance with Inexpressible One Being? It’s terrible to think of ourselves as experienced – in life, in our profession, in art, or in anything else, and especially to think how much we love – and then to judge other people so strictly –  there’s nothing to add to that.
The result of the previous five axioms :
To love, one must learn – to have the experience of the Cross of the IHS. Amen
This is our Faith. The Faith that we can Live an Experience of Love that is more than our (sinful) limitations and inexperience. In the world, this way of life means great persecution and problems from two extremes – to neglect, to oppress the laws or to dogmatically obey them. The common denominator of both extremes is their “convenience” for a certain part of the human population. Laws, regulations and orders have to direct us to inner experinece with Invisible Being – to One Command.
All the rules, regulations, laws, orders, etc. – all this replaces the One Command – to be Just in everything and always, all the time – in short, to be as perfect as G-d, as the Infinite Continuous Loving Beautiful Peaceful Pure Wise Mutual Harmonic, … Being. No more, No less. Accepting this very painful experience of our imperfection (sinfulness) to G-d (Continuity of Love) also frees us to fully experience of G-d´s Mercy through IHS. And we know very well that we can get to this level only and only by Grace – only and only through the IHS sacrifice – by accepting it – by living according to the Cross IHS in the allowable space of our behaviour – see an image below.

 It is probabilistic distribution of errors – in our case – distribution of our of sinful discreet extremes. The principle of life and creation in the Cross IHS – The IHS Cross has not only the spikes of the extremities, but also the blessed middle part (very pleasent to us). The IHS Cross has not only a blessed middle part or spikes of extremities, but also connecting parts. The IHS Cross has not only connecting parts, but also spikes of extremities and a blessed middle part. And so on and on, ever more gently and firmly – the IHS spiral.
For the slightest discretion (sin) is destruction (death) and to reach the level of the Continuity is impossible unless the Continuity
A human being has to grow in his perception towards oneself and the people around him,  not to neglect the given witness, laws, given conditions or to obey the witness, laws dogmatically. Neglect leads to ignorance and chaos on the one hand, and on the other hand dogmatism is clenching, it denies further growth, next improvement. See the short analogy Love of dr.Gibbs

From the preceding axioms, facts and results you can logically deduce that experience cannot be overcome both in the world and in Eternity. Further, you can deduce that in the world experience is seemed to be overcome, but in order to develop experienced people in any human activities according to G-d’s intention.

For the sake of illustration, let us substitute the word Love for another. Like Plise. How to explain what the completely unknown verb to Plise means? It is necessary to give examples on familiar facts. Imagine the situation after the Israelites crossed from Egypt through the Red Sea to Sinai. What are we to do, the elders of Israel ask. Moses tells them G-d’s will – You must be Interactive. No one knows what it is, what the word means. What is it, Joshua asks, what are we to do. None of the Israelites know what G-d wants them to do when He brings them out of Egypt. What do we mean by being Interactive. Likewise what to imagine by the term plise. And likewise to Love. It is difficult to explain the unexplainable, the inexpressible, the elusive, and the Omnipresent Being.
See keep busy and don’t be in a hurry. Or to live and create just on the given conditions. Or to eat often small quantities of varied food, etc. Easy to say, harder to do so.

The Basic Commandment – To love the One G-d who brought us out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery, to love G-d with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Thus, to give examples of such behavior – to honor your father and mother, to remember the days of rest, to love your neighbors, not to desire your neighbor’s wife or belongings, not to murder, not to commit adultery, not to oppress a captive, to help a person who is in need, to welcome the stranger but insist that he keep the given norms, … and dozens or hundreds of other commands.
See Matthew 5:48 to be as perfect as the Eternal Inexpressible G-d is perfect. To love and create just like G-d. This is The basic commandment of the Law of Love. In addition to this Law, there are many laws and decrees about what to do with your fellow man, forgiving, not taking revenge, avoiding wrongdoing, washing, …., and so on.

How to fulfill the Basic Commandment? In our own strength? By our self-control? Or by your impulsiveness? To begin to be like Christ? What then? We know, being like the disciple who does anything is bad compared to the Master. The disciple recognizes his imperfection and by the Grace of the Holy Spirit is made powerful to the next level. And so it goes on and on – the IHS spiral. It is only thus, and only by Grace, that we become Christ-like. We can rely only and only on the Love of God expressed in the Forgiveness of the Cross of the IHS, rely on Grace or Mercy. On the Grace of the Holy Spirit through the IHS. This is our inner experience. Faith in this and live and create and work in accordance with it. There is no other way, there has not been and there will not be. Amen
See 1 John 3:23-24.

And here we are at the finale. What are the laws, regulations and examples of Love, Interactive Behavior for in the world? To ignore them? Or just to obey them? Neither one nor the other! It is on the laws, regulations and demonstrations that we learn G-d’s Love through the IHS in the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen
We have no chance to approach, let alone fuse with G-d on our own. Keeping the laws or examples will not help us to do so. We must only and only recognize that by ourselves we are unable to fulfill the visible laws, regulations and examples, let the even more invisible State of Love. A sacrifice is necessary. Remember the above – to learn to fly requires sacrifice. Sacrifice by the aviation adept to overcome barriers, sacrifice by the instructor – his time and nerves and also sacrifice, usually damage to parts of the aircraft or aircraft at all. And so it is in all sectors of human activity – if we want to learn something – to obtain experience. Experience requires sacrifice, recognition of one’s inability, to seek new ways and to accept the power inside oneself and thus to be made capable. And this is all the more true in the Experience of Love. Man, by his own strength, is unable to approach G-d, even if he “obeys” a thousand commandments. And it was for this purpose, for the sake of our growing Experience, that G-d sent His Only Son Jesus Christ (IHS) into the world, so that through Him we might grow in the Experience of Love by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen
Thus, as a pilot, an adept pilot must first learn the theory, then the pilot simulator, then obey the commands of the instructor, then the commands of the flight manual, and at the end the pilot must listen to himself, to his inner feeling after so long trained to such fine perception. But even after that, even though he is experienced in terms of the flight manuals, he still has and certainly desires to continue to grow in his experience as a pilot. More and more distinguish his inner feelings in increasingly challenging conditions  – difficult atmospheric conditions, high piloting, acrobatics, combat flying, etc. Thus, he still recognizes, perceives, very finely, his imperfection and is willing to be corrected. This is already a true freedom from all laws, orders, regulations – they have already done their job – they have directed the adept pilot and now he has become a pilot who continues to grow in an indefinable experience.

Gal 5: 1 – Freedom is what we have. Christ has set us free. Stand then as free people and don´t allow yourselves to become slaves again. To be a slave to limitation, to sin, to tightness, to laws and regulations, to impulsiveness or indifference or thoughtless help.


The new life through the Cross IHS by Holy Spirit – see probability curve of distribution – in our case probability distribution of our deviations (sins) from Omnipresent Love of G-d.
For a temporary stay, for orientation in the world – we can’t be too tightly bound inside ourselves, or on the contrary, too excited, impulsive, but somehow more or less oscillating in the Cross of the IHS with necessary deviations into unpleasant situations on both sides, which correct the above mentioned freedom. So called, the soul “floats” in us. We desire nothing but correction from Grace. Thus, we live according to G-d’s plan through the IHS by the Holy Spirit. Amen
See the on-board mechanical instruments in airplanes. When they gently oscillate, they not only respond to the slightest deviation, but they are also accurate. Or a stubby stick or ball, even the finest, cannot respond to slight deviations. It’s fine, but it’s stiff.
And this stiffness, this tightness, still is a danger to us – that’s why it’s good to sometimes make bigger deflections through the IHS. We are also in danger of too much impulsivity, too much movement, so we can calm it down again with a bigger tightness. The point of our life in the Cross of the IHS is to be ever more sensitive, ever more gentle, ever more ready for ever more slight tremblings of the Holy Spirit through the IHS. Amen
We have been trained for such freedom at the Cross IHS by all the regulations, laws and examples.
Just as an experienced pilot not only can sense what is happening, but moreover can sense what will happen in the future under given conditions.

Notice: To live, to work or to create on the basis of one’s own painful experience followed by the joy of having mastered a situation, creation or work – this painful experience followed by immense joy is common to all people on earth.- Christians (Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Lutherans, Anglicans, …. , etc.), Israelites, Muslims, Shintoists, Taoists, Buddhists, ….. , Agnostics, Atheists. Better an honest atheist than an unhonest so-called Catholic and so on.
See also Life conscience

Instruction, prescription, theory, art, … , etc. are like a carriage in which a man is carried, so that with its help he may more easily travel the long road of years of learning, so that the journey of learning and experiencing what is part of the general heritage of mankind (art, craft, science, … , etc.) may be easier and not take too long. But the carriage will only take us to where this well-maintained road ends, where the basic and common instructions ends. Then one has to get out of the carriage to choose direction and to make one’s way further through the jungle of unexplored states, a path unexplored and uncertain, but the only possible one that will lead one to the knowledge of oneself.  And in confirmation of self-knowledge man will give evidence to the world – by creative work in art, craft or science. Freely taken and adapted from Johannes Itten

Love also means Reciprocity in terms of the Whole – One Eternal Being in three persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Absolute value of Mutual Love. In the perception of the Reciprocity (Mutuality) of the Whole (One Loving Being) we grow by the Grace of the Holy Spirit only and only through the sacrifice of the Cross IHS.
We all know too well the sinful (satan’s) extremities – think only of self, or think only of others. Both are very unpleasant for us. We all know selfish people in life who think only (or almost only) of themselves. And we also know the opposite extreme of people who think (almost) only of others. These are very irritating and are able of very embarrassing situations for the sake of “goodness”. These are the so-called inverted selfish people. Like the inverse of the number 1/n in mathematics.
These extremities are in all of us. Certainly we are rid of them through the circumcision of the Cross of the IHS. It should be added that the slightest selfishness (even inverted) is a problem and finally means death. It is only necessary to live in accordance with the One Being. See in mathematics – one has to live exactly to the square root of two (five, … , etc). We know this is impossible, because the square root of two is an irrational number and we cannot blend with it. We can only approach it almost indefinitely, perhaps to infinity, but we won’t be able to blend. See the difference between the cardinality of rational and irrational numbers – Cantor’s proof.

Through the Cross IHS (after training on rules) we are free from rules, laws and regulations or examples. Instead of rules, laws and regulations, we are already comparing ourselves with the One Being. Just as an experienced pilot compares himself to challenging conditions (not yet reported in the pilot’s manual). Regulations and laws have done their job. Like the starter in a car engine. Remember from the previous, all laws, regulations and examples are only framework illustrations, imperfect, limited and only pointing to an inexpressible state (Love, interactive, plise). Like limits in mathematics. It is on laws and regulations or examples that we have come to know what G-d wants us to know – our total inexperience in relation to the Absolute. We are not able to completely satisfy the Visible, the Expressible, as accurately as we would be able to satisfy the Invisible, the Inexpressible?
It is not possible to push out, trivialize or to realize the worldly (limited) examples, laws, rules and regulations. They are Holy if they lead to the knowledge of G-d.

Theology likes the reality of experience and not illusions and their illusory satisfaction, which is not based on the reality all around us. Nature, the universe, human relationships, relationships in general. See the following picture of the Nativity by the American painter Gari Melchers.

That’s how the Way of the Cross IHS begins. What did the two adults in the picture do wrong? We can ask ourselves. Especially after such a great promise from the Almighty. Why such a difficult conditions? What does that mean? Difficult conditions, but not destructive conditions! See Dr. Gibbs’ Love, again. They didn’t even get a place at an inn, or somewhere else in the house. What a journey it must have been for Mary on a donkey in the pain of childbirth to come. Into that consideration, where it would happen, if they could find a place, and what kind of place. People in the town of Bethlehem could see their situation, but the reactions? Maybe people ignore them or laughed at them. You have a donkey so go with it to the stable, eventually you too can go to the stable, make yourself comfortable there. It’s a bit reminiscent of the laughter or ignorance of certain people under the Cross IHS.

See John 1:10 – “He was in the world, and the world was made through him, and the world did not recognize Him”
IHS – there was no place for His birth, there were problems to live – how many insults his mother the Virgin Mary had to listen to, how many insults St. Joseph had to listen to, how many attacks He had to face, … , there was no place for Him to die – the Cross between Heaven and Earth until His Ressurection. One could write quite a wasted life if it were not for the choices of the Apostles, the founding and holding of the Church, which despite all the conflicts has been here for over 2,000 years.
The Apostles’ Selection – see a brief version what I heard several years ago in the church –  IHS Apostles today

Holy Family – they didn’t want to and couldn’t do business with the world, if you let us give birth here, this is what we will give you or do to you. They were so honest, so pure, they couldn’t. And they were also perceptive because of the IHS and so they found a quite place in the stable for the night ahead. Literally a quiet night, Holy Night. They were so “alone” in the middle of the noisy world – which was also an advantage – no one was “helping” them. Especially those kinds of people who have to do one last act of “their kindness”, no matter what it costs their victims. The Holy Family has just been quietly visited by some shepherds and then by the Three Kings (representatives of honest secular power) at the given time.
This is our direction – through the IHS, to Crucify our sinful nature by the Holy Spirit – and thus become more and more gentle, firm and perceptive.

What about Christianity? Sorry, discipleship. As it should be.
a) The “pilot-adept” will go around of the training airport to destroy aircraft equipments, planes, to abuse instructors and other adepts. And if we don’t like it, he’ll tell us, well, you’ll have to put up with this sacrifice – Christ, that’s what he wants!
b) The “pilot-adept” will be afraid to touch the levers and controls of the simulator, or board the plane, he will tremble in terror, not to destroy something, not to damage something. He will immediately “understand” the instructor, or “help” him in his difficult sacrifice under the condition – Christ, that’s what he wants!
c) The pilot-adept will listen to the instructor carefully and also to himself, he will endure some things for the sake of piloting, he will try his best, he will also be slacking off, sometimes he will damage some things. The instructor will have a hard time with him. The adept pilot will have dark moments, he is useless, so will the instructor. But you’ll be amazed, the adept pilot will become a real pilot, even more so an experienced pilot who will eventually become an instructor. The question for us – does Christ want this?

The sacrifice must have meaning. The meaning is to teach something, to get experience, to pull from somewhere, or to help something, not to assist for empty and useless activities. Love likes to sacrifice itself for the one who wants to blend with It. There is no other way. The joy of Sacrifice. The Joy of Sacrifice is enjoyed by both the one who offers it and the one who receives it. Who grows in experience because of the Sacrifice. For the Sacrifice must have meaning – growth in the experience of perception, of life and creation, of skills, of Love . Because to sacrifice just for the sake of abuse is a perversion called masochism. And vice versa, he who does not want to accept the sacrifice is left to himself and his environment until he knows this only way. Leaving oneself to oneself and one’s surroundings until a certain time is Love and not the other extreme of perversion – sadism. For both perversions look only at themselves (selfishness) and not at the others. Not to mention, the omnipresent human fear where people donate to those who abuse donations for anything other than further growth. This is done under pressure from majority public opinion. As well as not donate to the ones who would like to learn.

After training we are fully dependent on the Cross IHS. There are two extremities in the world – to abuse It or to ignore It, especially under the illusion of helping ourselves. About as much on our own as we pull ourselves up off the ground with our hand by the collar – sic! AVE CRUX SPES UNICA
The only way to seek the Lord is by Grace. And not by vain speculations or by rashness. How else to discover the Inexpressible and the previously unexpected. And moreover, to blend with the previously unexpected. Finally with the Lord.

Be flexible to the gentle touches of conscience formed by the Holy Spirit through the Cross of the IHS. This is a big problem in the world. You don’t have to immediately compare yourself to the IHS, which is what the violent secular attacks are against. Just try to behave responsibly regardless of your religion or beliefs. And even that will be a big problem in the world – to behave responsibly, respect reality, have critical thinking, a desire to know and do something, and think about it when we feel it is necessary.
Try it! Stop and think about the situation in the middle of work, creation, social meetings, etc. Not often, but not a little, depending on the situation. Or set aside time for contemplation. Try it in front of people, friends. And let me know their reactions!
You don’t break laws, you don’t commit crimes, you don’t break regulations, you don’t park badly, you’re not rude or arrogant, you’re not intrusive, and much more. The world would forgive you all this, but it will not forgive you for contemplating, thinking about it at the right time, you’ll be amazed when you try it! Not only do you not break the law, but you work, have results, and want to concentrate on your work. It’s all about the experience. So go ahead, let yourself know the worldly reactions! See the experience of many people in the world throughout history regardless of their status, religion, etc. Here is one example from the most developed country in the 19th century – the British Empire. See short story about Ch_Bronte extracted from the Internet. What did the authoress of Jane Eyre get wrong? She’s behaved as usual, quiet and modest. If she hadn’t, the novel would not have been so exciting to the English public. But they wanted to enjoy the conversation. Just for superficial pleasure, no more. The result for them was so embarrassing, so much expectation, and such a most boring evening. At the meanwhile, it was enough for the authoress to conform herself to their expectations. Tell this to the pilot or other real school – so they conform to you, not you to them! Especially when they have enormous success!  What can I say? Listeners looking forward to the authoress were on the beginning of something new, previously unsuspected, but they had not yet grown up to recognize the deep and true experience. So let’s leave them alone with their society until they’ve grown up. Why should we waste our time blaming the pear tree for not growing figs? – quote from Benjamin D’Israeli, British Prime Minister in the 19th century during the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria – see left image below, the right image below – Ch. Brontë – her quote I can be on guard against my enemies, but God deliver me from my friends!

A very short notice: Let us imagine many young people yearning for a real experience in art, in science, in technology, who are despised by the surrounding society, which, of course, lives off the experience of the despised and “boring” ones.
For true knowledge, true real experience, comes in silence and in solitude.

And here we see why we have to be in loneliness, or among our fellows, colleagues at work, or with people who really want to be experienced or with people who need a help – they don’t argue about words, they don’t mind the surrounding conditions, they certainly need help in their time. And that is our Joy – to be as we are at the Cross IHS, on the witness for many sensitive sincere people. That’s the only way the world exists and continues to progress. 

The last chapters were about sensitive people and their difficulties in the world. Both internal and external difficulties. This brings us to the meaning of Theology. It is Faith. Faith and Faith alone. Nothing more, nothing less. But what Faith? Faith in what? The Faith that there is Someone much gentler and more firm and more sensitive than ourselves, Someone who inexpressibly, “infinitely” exceeds us. The inexpressible gentleness and firmness of Love, Beauty, Wisdom, Peace, Creativity, Joy, Purity, etc. Being that we hurt with our rudeness and rigidity. But Who created us out of Love, and with Whom we can blend through His Sacrifice to us in the Holy Spirit. Amen

Even if we become a thousand times more gentle, more firm, more powerful, more beautiful, already here in the world with all the difficulties, we are still nothing in relation to the Indescribable Being. But our experience, the growth of our abilities, our sensitivity, already here in the world, proves to us that we are on the right way. The only proof we have is our personal experience. Nothing more or less.  See John 14:6I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. …The Cross IHS. There is no other link, no other connection between the Inexpressible Unlimited Being and our limited world. The Cross IHS is the Sacrifice to our growth, to our experience. It is by His wounds that we are healed by Holy Spirit to more intense experience of the Inexpressible Being full of Love, Beauty, Wisdom, etc.

Colours are a product of our mind, of our perception. In Nature, colours do not exist objectively, they are inexpressible – only electromagnetic waves with different wavelengths. If instruments distinguish the colour of light, they do so on the basis of a range of wavelengths given by humans for each colour. The question of the range of colour transitions is not a matter for instruments but for humans. Not to mention that every person perceives colours and their transitions differently. It is the same with scents or with any strucutures. They are recognizable objectively but the meaning of whether they are nice is given by people.
Almost every day we perceive, literally see the difference between perception, between human perception and the so-called objective record. See the camera, which can never record what the eye sees. Or what the eye sees, the camera records, but that’s the end of it. Whereas the human perceiving brain adds to the visual sense by balancing the lights in the shadows against the brightness. Just take a picture of an evening scene with a lamp on, looking through the window at the darkening sky. No camera with the best software will give us what our perception does.
Not to mention the mutuality and harmony of the perceived scene depending on the experience, the training of the perceiving sensory organ. Not the eye, but the brain. This is where the inner desire, the previous experience and ideas are reflected. And I am not mentioning at all the ideas, thoughts, inventions, discoveries, creations that have never been seen before, absolutely new. It is a pretty way to put them into practice.
The same is with our Faith, with the experience of the worldly inexpressible state. Roughly written to give a space to the yet invisible, to make it visible, to objectify it. In the same style in the 17th century there were no expressible transistors or Beethoven symphonies, etc.

The growth of our perception, the intuition of hidden, invisible movements, requires training, experience.  Specifically, on the basis of verifiable, visible events to perceive a cause, a hidden movement, a hidden intention whose result is a visible event. The experience with Christ´s wounds that we cause Him. Let us remember the gentleness of the Continuity of Love compared to our roughness. Jesus Christ came in the Body and did no sin – a primary dogma of Christianity. See 1 John 4: 2 This is the basis of Faith, growth in Faith by the Holy Spirit, through Christ´s wounds at His visible body in the recognition and experience that our perception is distorted by our sinfulness and satan’s seductions. To rub our perceptions on the basis of the IHS Sacrifice and Resurrection. In the Being of the Holy Spirit to grow in the Experience of the Hidden Perceptions, Intentions, Movement of the Continuity of Loving Beautiful Being through the IHS. Amen
To not perceive, to ignore, the smallest details, like fonts in letters or difference among species or uniqueneess of every shape? Likewise the gentlest movements and intentions of the Continuity of Loving Being. We know from smallest difference could arise the whole universe. We perceive and live and create what they (the inexperienced of the world) do not know, do not perceive. And for our way of life we are strange to them. Some we will attract others will persecute us – sic! G-d have Mercy on them through IHS Holy Spirit. Amen

Our aim in Faith? Always ready to be corrected, to adapt ourselves to new conditions. Not to be so stubborn on the one side and not too elastic on the other side. That’s not torment, that’s joy. See a disciple learning a knowledge. Or children learning to walk, talk, and many other things before the sinful nature shows itself in them. Theology, Christianity is not some religion or some philosophy. Christianity is a way of life (also creation and work), a practical way of life to obtain finer and firmer experience. Like discipleship, it is not just about going to school, but really learning something with all the difficulties and resulting joy of having mastered it. And so on and on.
The result of our Faith?
To feel a indefinable and invisible “power” in spite of worldly attacks, „help“ and ignorance . If some people recognize their attacks uselles (we don´t mind about it) they are extremely angry. The worst is when the aggressor sees the victim collapsing and suddenly after a short moment … IHS … the collapsing stops and calmness begins in spite of all the anger. That’s when the attacker gets mad as hell. Which is sometimes associated with the most absurd accusation of victims being conflicted, causing such wild conflicts – sic! Why didn’t he collapse completely. What was he playing on me? Why didn’t he satisfy me.
What are we doing wrong. We don’t attack, we don’t laugh, we don’t despise other people. But yes, we have allowed ourselves to behave like free people. On the contrary, sometimes we are afraid, we fall, we collapse, but we trust and feel the Cross IHS and we are caught and strengthened by the Holy Spirit.
In any case, this is a very impressive witness for ourselves and for others.

We don’t know the Originator of grouped events respectively formed shapes and structures of Nature in the “ocean” of violently randomly fluctuated so-called quantum foam. The Originator is hidden to us and free but it’s not so true for Its expressions in the world – through IHS – renewing grouped events and shapes and structures into still different and beautiful forms.
The meaning of the world, the meaning of created grouped events, visible stabilized and renewed grouped events including our lives, the meaning is to train us on the basis of visible Nature through Faith IHS to perceive, to feel invisible power of Omnipresent Continuity of Loving Being which forms and groups events, shapes and structures together by Holy Spirit through IHS. Amen

People ask each other whether G-d is obeying the laws He has made. First of all, G-d didn’t make any laws, the laws have been made by people like Newton, Einstein, Clausius, Faraday, etc. These laws are an abstract models at some level of knowledge of nature. And they are further developed and corrected. Above all, however, G-d has given the One Law – the Law of Love – through which exist all abstract levels of natural and moral laws  But abstraction is also ignoring currently irrelevant events.
But G-d is asking whether people obey their knowledge. To obey, to respect their level of knowledge, however limited. Or if they want to know more – through all abstractions finally to come to the experience of the Law of Love.

It is not possible to be free in the world, to contemplate, to be healed, beautified, to gain experience in the world. In the same way, it is impossible to be busy in the world and not suffer from hurry. That is the problem in the world, or it cannot be fulfilled completely. It is the problem of even temporary healing, let alone complete healing, or obtaining experience in any human endeavor (craft, science, art, military, etc.). We have to be in isolation, which is not a problem in eternity, but in the world it is unrealizable without IHS allowance. See religious orders, separate communities – in short, being in isolation. And being in solitude in the world irritates people in the outside world. That’s why religious orders are established mostly under the patronage of the secular power, which protects them in time.

A often raised question in the course of human history. How can the Saints in Heaven look at it? What are they looking at? At the evil in the world – wars, revolutions, crimes, aggressions, robberies, persecutions, etc. How can G-d allow this. What is the answer to that? People wonder how G-d from Heaven and the Saints can look down on so much evil (the advanced man doesn’t ask much anymore). Not that people ask themselves. Are they indifferent to sin, evil, fear anymore? Do they obey their conscience, laws, rules and act as they need to in a given situation? And here we are. People are burdened with possessions (knowledge, pleasure) and not with abilities (to create something). They don’t want to have experience, to learn something, to become something. They prefer to have their illusions. They are lacking, they are lured by illusions, they prefer not to see anything, they neglect their further knowledge. Not wanting to be in trouble, they are appeasing the aggressors in so-called goodwill, resulting in wars where people realize their unacknowledged anger. They deny not only G-d, but even their conscience, even the desire for knowledge, the desire for experience – horror! We know, sincerity in conscience, there is always knowledge of G-d through IHS. In short, everyone has to experience this for himself.
No legal order or democracy can be maintained without violence – I mean violence against oneself, limiting one’s greed or false tolerance, following the given laws, regulations, rules, conscience, speaking up when necessary, fulfilling one’s duties, etc. That is a rather painful way to go, but it is the best way to support human beings in society. Obedience to conscience or to the law means violence against inner temptations. When this does not happen in society, or not enough, then the Lord of IHS does what he does – the high point are revolutions, wars or deviant regimes, where one must obey without no exceptions. In other words, whoever does violence to himself, fights the sin within himself, becomes respectable, that’s fine. A lot of people don’t want to do that and they still ask how G-d can allow it !!!
And this is what the sinful satan-bound people in the world do not know, have not experienced. They don’t know about the corrosive, conflicting chaos by IHS bounded in nature. That corrosive substance is in all of us. They wonder how G-d can look at all this evil in the world, how the Saints can look at it and find it very unfair. And then they often exclude that G-d is. If He were, He would have intervened! Pity that sometimes poeple doesn’t intervene. See the remark made by a Jewish rabbi when he was told after the end of World War II, one of the victims of the concentration camps, the Holocaust. Her question was how could G-d have allowed all this? Where was He, where is G-d? Why didn’t He intervene? The rabbi didn’t answer for a long time and then asked the questioner to answer her, where was the man, where was the human society when all this was happening. And why it had to come to such an extreme.

On the other hand, it’s curious how many people are irritated by people who live in solitude, those who contemplate, those who are honest to their conscience, those who are trying to learn something, to have an experience. These are the people the world pushes away, ironizes, ridicules, deliberately tasks. What would people, the gentle and perceptive ones, say in response? What would Ch. Brontë, M. Twain, V. Van Gogh, K. Tsiolkovsky, A. Modigliani, …. , St. Ignatius of Antioch, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. John XXIII, … , answer the question.? What would Jesus Christ Himself answer in His wounds on the Cross inflicted on Him by us, and what would G-d – the Infinite Continuous Gentle Firm Loving Beautiful … Being – answer? See the Cross IHS below. Or read the Memory from work

All these people trying to live in accordance with conscience, according to the laws, insisting on their rights, trying to obtain experience in sincerity of heart – all these are oppressed by the world. However, the IHS, as well as the Saints and those who live in the world in the use of the healing Holy Spirit, still experience persecution – the impossibility of living sincerely in Spirit and in Truth in the world, and if, then ONLY at the cost of Christ’s sacrifice on the IHS Cross. Amen

One more question – If G-d is Love, why can’t humans survive an meeting with the Living G-d? We answer as follows – when people see a very beautiful person (or an excellent artist or scientist) or an extremely beautiful part of nature, these questioners will be 100% upset. Some will be more upset, some will be less upset, but all will be upset. One part of the people will overcome their upset with so-called cheerfulness and the other part will be distressed, tightly self-controlled. And we also know that the slightest upset, fear, worry, means death. If it were not the Sacrifice of the Cross IHS that human being (with the chaos of dirtiness bubbling up inside him), that human being would die – would disintegrate into nothingness. In other words, on seeing Pure Infinity Beauty, the human being would die. Similarly, on seeing G-d, the Infinite Loving Beauty. Beauty does not kill, but the inner tensions of sinful human beings collapse them into nothingness.

One Bad News and One Good News (Gospel) –
First the bad news – the weeds of sin will never go away, nor will satan, who exploits sin. The weeds will continue to grow. Just look at how weeded human society is. Weeds are everywhere in the world, but not everywhere with the same intensity.  In short, nothing will change, the universe will not go back to the original singularity.  And most importantly we ourselves with our power cannot change, we can´t escape from the universe. The universe as a transitional state from one form of nothingness to another form. The first form of nothingness is tight, gripping, in the style of do nothing, etc. This is the singularity of point 0. The second form of nothingness is stretched, stretched without structures and shapes, in the style of do everything immediately, right now at once, etc. This is the singularity of formless stretching endlessly, in the style of the Big rip.
And the rest? The rest In terms of eschatology – the “rest” will always be renewed, like a basic fluctuations. Better expressed in economic terms – every person gets a basic income. And what he does with it is up to him. Either he spends it for consuming and temporal pleasures, or he devotes part of the income to create, to learn something, in short to obtain experience. Briefly –  every person who ever was, is, and will be in the world, every person will be forced to know himself absolutely, in total separation from the world – whether death as such, worldly suffering, or solitude in separation from the world whatever religious orders, monasteries, convents, or otherwise. In this way the each person will also discover the Greatness of the Mercy of the Cross IHS. Amen

And we’re at the Good News (Gospel) – nothing will change, see basic fluctuations of weeds, but we can change, be changed, be Redeemed out of the weeds, out of limited universe, each of us will be transformed as an unrepeatable original through the Faith of the Cross IHS by the Holy Spirit we will blend with G-d, with the Infinite Love Beauty, etc.
The weeds of sin, nothingness, tightness, limitation will have no effect to us anymore. In short, we won’t care for it, we will be indifferent to it, and thus the weed of sin will not be able to spread at our expense (as it does in secular society). Towards the world there will be only One Exception to provide Grace to the needy who cannot help themselves (as we know from our own experience).
G-d’s Kingdom is like a garden. A well-kept and beautiful garden. Regularly weeded. Always, endlessly with endless renewals, always different and beautiful. Amen
In other words – to know and live in peace – to always have something to do or live and not suffer from hurry. Would you like to return to an environment, a state of confusion, rushing, hurry up, do it quickly, which alternates with a state of having nothing to do, that is boring? But to have something to do all the time and not to suffer from hurry, one needs to experience oneself in complete isolation from the world. To experience for oneself to need the Grace of IHS.

Beware of those who have achievements, those who “help others in a good way”, give them things, “take care” of them, “praise” them, but do not even look if their “care”, their “good” is good for others! And when their “victims” don’t want to accept their devil-may-care, they condemn or curse them as ungrateful – sic!!!
The disrespect, the exclusion of the witness of Mutual Love among people in nature in the world. Ignorant, inexperienced people do what they want under the excuse of the uniqueness of each form and event in Mutuality, but they only do their sinful behaviour without any respect for the Mutual Loving Being to which leads the mutual arrangement of more or less stabilized unique wordly examples and laws. These seducers have not been trained, they are superficial, but they cover their sinful behaviour under the pretext we can do as we want if it is from the Reciprocity – if it is behaved from Love. Just as a skilled pilot can do whatever he wants. That´s truth but only after intensive training on relationship among given examples and laws in the unique conditions between pilot, aircraft and atmosphere. Because the pilot’s experience is always corrected. Was it already your flight so pure in relation with the atmospheric circumstances? Was it already from Love what you did and how you acted? How much more is this true for Christians to accept the Faith of the Cross of the IHS and to live and create according to it – to be constantly corrected by Holy Spirit through Christ´s bounds, so still gentleness and firmness – to let themsleves as living Sacrifice to G-d through IHS with Joy and relief to be a new bellows.
In short, to form clay that is formable and not hardened or stony, or clay that is molten. However, all clay offers resistance and we can tell by touch, even without visualisation, what kind of clay it is and then how and what is needed.
It’s hard and difficult to be corrected for the slightest “worldly speaking” details. But we are happy to do so, for we compare ourselves to the Continuity of Loving Being by the Holy Spirit through the Christ Wounds. Amen

What to write next? Let each person who is interested to be confronted with unexpected, but understandable hidden treasures of Reality.
What do you want? What do you prefer? To behave chaotically, freelly without any sense of mutual relations or to be constricted into functional prescriptions, laws without any sense and mutuality, either? We like, we prefer, we desire to blend with Continuity of Love Being always new and different. There is only One way – the Faith in Grace IHS – Jesus Christ the Crucified by us and Resurrected by Holy Spirit into Continuity of Mutual Loveful Being. Amen
To be persuaded by You to let Me (IHS) bring You to Myself (where I IHS am), there is no other way – see Experience.

The way is known – Experience, Experience with Reality, Experience whose top is the Cross IHS. Amen