Where was an artwork (in the same way every product) before it was created? In the beginning there was a movement of Wisdom (mind), after that there was the artwork. What’s going to happen to the artwork through its entire existence? What happens to the artwork when it ceases out of existence? There will be new artwork better then last one. Creation ability is not possible to destroy.

See abstract images and real images. Not only artworks but also pieces of engineering endeavours such as machinery, engines, clocks, turbines, etc. We are familiar with real images or real engines. Abstract ones are new to us. But like real images then abstract images could be beautifull. Their common attribute is a beauty. In the first case – the beauty in the real world, in the second case – the hidden beauty gradually becomes visible. It’s the same in engineering. The common attribute is a functionality. Real images for us could be abstract for others and vice versa. Consider the prehistoric fauna and flora of devon could be abstract for us. It´s the same in engineering – consider the first engines in the 19th century.
Current nature in the world with real images is only one expression of Beauty. One expression from many possible expressions, from infinity possible expressions.  The common denominator of all images („real“ and „abstract“) is Beauty at any kind – shapes vs. colours. See also multiverse universes.

Steam engines, turbines, pumps, motors, details as valves, propellers etc.


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Part_engines_I    Water turbines